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Do you know where your cylinders are?  We Do.

ACM BarCode Tag Advanced Cylinder Tracking (ACM) is our guarantee to our customers that our cylinder tracking is accurate, and this builds confidence in our relationship.  Utilizing ACM to identify and prevent cylinder discrepancies is a win/win proposition.
 ACM Map

ACM is an all-in-one solution to track and manage our cylinder fleet.  Benefits include:

  • Enhanced Mobile Delivery - This includes records of all cylinder deliveries with electronic proof of delivery.
  • Customer Site Tracking - This gives us the ability to know the specific cylinders that are out to customers, at job sites, on the dock, on the truck, or in the fill process.
  • 100% Cylinder Accuracy

ACM allows Welders Supply Company to know where all of our cylinders are all of the time!  Once a particular cylinder gas is activated for ACM tracking we maintain a 100% closed loop system.  We will know if someone returns a cylinder that they did not take out. We are able  to maintain 100% cylinder accuracy.

Welders Supply Company equips our Drivers with Honeywell Mobile Computers to track cylinder transactions at the point of completion.  Our handheld devices are designed to be rugged and user friendly.

Quick and easy resolution of cylinder discrepancies are completed due to the real-time notifications we receive when a discrepancy arises.  This helps us to minimize lost cylinders.

Through the use of the mobile handhelds our sales staff is able to perform real-time cylinder audits at the customer's site. 

Feel free to call us or to contact your Sales Representative to get a better understanding of how we can help you manage your cylinders through ACM.

Welders Supply Company of Louisville - 331 Boxley Ave - Louisville, KY 40209 - 502.637.4771

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