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Planning a party? Let Helium Express help get you off the ground.
We offer a variety of sizes in helium cylinders and balloons to fit any occasion.

Want to know how many balloons a tank of helium will fill? Click HERE!

Make safety your priority and read over the following tips before using your helium tank!


Do read and follow all safety notices on cylinder.

Do store, use, and transport gas cylinders in a well-ventilated area and/or vehicle.

Do use a regulator specifically designed for balloon filling at all times.

Do check cylinder connections for leaks once the regulator has has been connected. This can be performed with soap and water.

Do make sure to turn off the balloon filler valve between uses, as well as when the cylinder is empty.

Do turn off cylinder valve, remove the regulator, and replace with cap on cylinder before transporting.

Do use cylinder the intended purpose of balloon filling ONLY.


Do not attempt to transfer helium contents from cylinder to any other container.

Do not store or use balloon gas in a poorly-ventilated, confined area. While helium is odorless and nontoxic, it may induce suffocation by diluting the concentration of oxygen in the air to a hazardously low level.

Do not breathe any helium and NEVER put your face or mouth near the cylinder or filling equipment.

Do not allow others to inhale helium from filled balloons.

Do not store or use cylinders near extreme heat or electrical devices. Cylinder should not be exposed to temperatures above 130° F (54° C).

Do not remove cylinder cap until tank has been secured in its place of use.

Do not attempt to remove caps if they appear to be stuck. Instead, alert your supplier of the problem.

Do not allow children to operate any balloon filling equipment. In addition, when children are around, the cylinder MUST be secured tightly to ensure the cylinder won't be knocked over.

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